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Global Problem

Ghost gear is a global problem, impacting many coasts and the fishing industry worldwide.

Durable for 600 years

Some ghost gear is made of very durable plastic and can last in our seas for up to 600 years.

Entangled animals

Entangled animals can drown in minutes or endure long, slow deaths lasting months or years.

Save 1 million

Together we can save 1 million marine animals by 2018.

Don't Dodge The Issue

Don’t dodge the issue. Find out how you can be a part of a Sea Change at the end of this game.

48-65% of humpback whales

Overall, 48-65% of humpback whales that are photographed in North American waters show signs of previous entanglement.


You are too entangled in ghost gear to go any further! Every year, thousands of marine animals get
caught in lost or discarded fishing gear.

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